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Story Sunday!

Enjoy the third page of my story that I am currently writing. At this point, I don’t have a title, so I’m lovingly calling it “Untitled.” So original, I know.

Untitled – Page 3

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Andra laid completely still for longer than she probably should have. Disappointment, anger, frustration, and a plethora of other unpleasant emotions flowed through her. She had stayed up all the way until each news station declared a winner. Hoping, praying that at least one station would say Stein, but it wasn’t even close, and she knew it was pointless. For over a year, she had campaigned for Stein. T-shirts, yard signs, rallies, meetings, sleepless nights. The rest of her friends had planned a watch/victory party, and Eric had invited her to the news’ watch party, but she just wanted an evening of peace.

After an exorbitant amount of time, she finally reached for her phone to check the time. It had only been five minutes since her alarm. She sighed and placed the phone on her nightstand and rolled off the bed. She needed to get up and moving. Nothing would be gained by having a pity party all day. 

As she slid her legs toward the side of her bed, she nudged her dog, Moses. He slowly lifted his huge Dane head and looked at her with his pathetic face. Andra scratched the top of his head, he sighed and put his head back on his paws. “Oh, come on now, if I have to get up you do too.”

He did an over-exaggerated stretch and followed her to the kitchen. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Andra threw her head back and sighed. Moses whined and looked at her with a tilted head. “The coffee pot, Moses. It didn’t start. I’m being a baby. I can do it now. I just need something to go right today.” She plopped down onto a kitchen chair, and Moses walked over and set his big head in her lap and looked up at her. “Oh buddy, this really is the worst thing that could happen.” He tilted his head again then walked over to the door and sat. His sign he needed to go out.

“You’re right. Life goes on. We all still have to pee,” she opened the back door, and Moses bounded out to do his business. 

Andra turned her attention to the coffee pot. Going through the motions of fixing her morning vice helped her feel a little bit better. She yawned, ran her hand through her hair, and leaned against the counter listening to the coffee pot do its work. The last thing she wanted to do was go back to her room and check her phone. Everything had pointed to victory, even prominent members of Peter’s own party had endorsed Stein. It made absolutely no sense. As field director for the midwest, she knew she would have more messages than she’d ever be able to respond to. 

The coffee pot finished the last drop of the brew, and she poured the biggest mug she could find, let Moses back in, and then headed to her room to take on the day.

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