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Paleteria El Chavo

My husband will sometimes drive for UberEats, and he mentioned that he picked up food from a (new to us) restaurant that served tacos and ice cream. I mean, those are basically my two favorite foods, so I knew we would have to eat there eventually.

On Tuesday, my oldest daughter had a very loose tooth. She is also really scared of letting anyone pull her teeth. I told her that if she let me pull it out then she could pick where we ate dinner that night. Reluctantly, she let me and didn’t even try to bite me!

Well, like I’ve mentioned before, my daughters are EXTREMELY picky when it comes to food. My oldest thinks she is branching out by eating the chicken and cheese quesadilla instead of the plain cheese one. So, she decided she wanted Yogurtini for dinner. I said that it had to be somewhere that we could get actual food and not just dessert. My husband then chimed in that he had the perfect place.

Enter Paleteria El Chavo. On the corner of Harvard and 23rd street sits a brightly colored store with a sign that says “Ice Cream Shop” and “Mexican Food.” It was the perfect place for our family. The girls wanted ice cream, and my husband and I wanted Mexican food. (Yes, we let the girls get ice cream for dinner. Sometimes, you let them get their way.)

When we walked in, there was a sign for Taco Tuesday “4 tacos for $6.” We were sold. At first we talked about splitting it, but we realized they were smaller street-style tacos, and we each got our own order. The girls got two massive ice cream cones – bubble gum on one; chocolate and cookies and cream for the other.

There were three different sauces to use for the tacos, and I got all three to try. My favorite is the one pictured. There were no labels, so I don’t know what to tell you about what they were or what was in them. I just know that all three sauces were a little spicy. Our chicken tacos were absolutely delicious, and I got sour cream to add to mine. I will say I felt like the chicken was a little dry without adding the salsa. Other than that…awesome!

We will definitely be going back for both tacos and ice cream as the ice cream was extremely delicious as well! They also have healthy smoothie options and all sorts of different drinks/shakes. No alcohol though, so you won’t be getting a margarita with your tacos.

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Watermelon Margaritas – a taste of summer

Because of snow days, we still have two and a half more weeks of school remaining. State tests finished last week, and our students are pretty much done and exhausted. So are we, kids, so are we.

We are all dreaming a little of late nights outside, catching lightning bug, sipping yummy drinks, and enjoying the long, care-free days.

For a little pick me up on Friday, we decided to go out to our favorite restaurant on the Independence Square – El Pico – in time for happy hour. I typically indulge in the regular margaritas, but decided to mix is up and get a watermelon one. It was the perfect taste of almost-summer.

Of course, I love pretty much everything about El Pico. We’ve been going there since right after they opened, and it was the first restaurant we took our youngest to. The servers know our names and usually our orders. Our go to meals are the fajita salad for me, and the Tex-mex salad for my husband. We also love the burrito bowls and the avocado tostadas.

If you’re on the Square, definitely stop in. Oh, and get the hot salsa!

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KC Taco Company Short Review

Everyone has a favorite food. A food that even if you had it for lunch, you’d eat it again for dinner. For me, that is tacos.

Ever since I was a child, if it was my turn to pick dinner, I would choose Taco Bell. Now, I know, I know…Taco Bell? But, as a kid, this was my first introduction to the delicious taco!

Over the past few years, I have made a point to try out different Mexican restaurants and taco joints. Last week, we finally made it to KC Taco Company in the River Market.

The restaurant, while small, had a nice, comfortable feeling to it. We went on a warm day, so there were some outside tables set up. Inside there was a bar with seating and maybe a dozen tables, many of them high tops. The decor was bright and a little eclectic. Every worker we interacted with was pleasant and helpful.

We went on a Wednesday, which was all day happy hour! They had a kids’ menu, so our daughters were satisfied that they didn’t have to venture away from their very limited list of foods they will eat. My husband and I both got two tacos. My choices were the Adobo Chicken (pictured left) and the Thai-Chili Shrimp (pictured right). They. were. delicious!!! I’m not a food critic, so I don’t have the fancy words to describe how flavorful the tacos were. Just know, they were yummy. I definitely liked the Thai-chili one more than the chicken one, but neither one disappointed.

(No free chips and salsa here, but they’re worth buying. The chips were fresh and the salsa was very tasty!)